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Your consumers can see where ingredients come from and enjoy transparent supply chain stories through an e-commerce integration, or by scanning a QR code on packaging, store displays, or menus.

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Consumers are demanding greater transparency, trust, and economic equity in their value chains.

  • 86% of US consumers believe brand transparency is more important than ever before.
  • 73% of consumers are willing to pay more for products that guarantee total transparency.
  • 1 in 10 people get sick–and 420,000 die–from foodborne illnesses each year.
Source: Sprout Social, “From Risk to Responsibility: Social Media & the Evolution of Transparency,” 2018.

Our tools support brands to:

  • stand out
    Use our platform to share the stories that make your products unique, engaging consumers’ hearts and minds.
  • Build Trust
    Build brand trust through transparency, verified claims, and blockchain traceability technology.
  • engage
    Cultivate relationships–not customers. Your consumers can provide product feedback, share stories, and connect with producers.
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Case study: seafood traceability

We’ve put value chain storytelling into action, tracing the journey of wild scallops from New England to California:

We collaborated with Nordic Inc, Raw Seafoods, Santa Monica Seafood, TAPS Fishhouse & Brewery, and IBM Food Trust to give consumers the information they want. Utilizing a wide array of communication tools, including photo, video, menus, social media and industry data, we provide full traceability—from boat to plate.


“During the first 90 days of the pilot, TAPS Fish House realized a 33% year over year increase in scallop entrees sold. Using the ease of the StoryBird solution, customers loved knowing exactly where their scallops came from and who caught them so much that they even shared the story to thousands of their own social platform connections.”
–dan mcquade, know seafood

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